Are Your Drivers' Behaviors Helping or Hurting Your Business?

While you can’t keep track of everything your drivers do while they’re on the road or making deliveries, it’s important to be able to trust their behaviors. Remember, they’re driving with your company name attached to everything they do. Bad PR is never good for a business, even if it technically has nothing to do with you.

Because your drivers should always operate as a representation of what your business is, you should be aware of their behaviors on the road and whether they’re helping or hurting. So, if you can’t be with them every minute on the road, how can you tell how they’re impacting your company?

Just one negative interaction between your driver and a customer can be enough to turn them off from your business. Or, at the very least, it will change their opinion of what you represent. Customers are more likely to share their negative experiences with everyone they know and how powerful word of mouth marketing can be, whether it’s positive or negative! We all know what side of that marketing we want to be on!

It's important to be able to track how your drivers are interacting with your customers on a regular basis. This action alone shows your dedication to every driver; the ones you employ and those who share the road with your employees.

Thanks to telemetrics, it’s easier than ever to monitor many of a driver’s habits, including downtime.

By comparing data and numbers, you should be able to get a fairly accurate reading of how long a trip/delivery should take. If you find that certain drivers are taking much longer than they should, or driving extra miles for no legitimate reason, they could be taking advantage of the business, or enjoying a bit more downtime than they would typically be allowed without informing anyone.

Obviously, time is money. But, drivers that take advantage of things like this aren’t just eating away at your bottom line, they’re disrespecting the company itself.

A good driver needs to be just that, an overall good driver.

Do certain drivers return with damage to their trucks? Are the interiors messy? Is the tire pressure low? Even worse, have any of your drivers ever been pulled over, or have they received a citation/ticket? While accidents happen and some are very understandable, if you have certain drivers that seem to be getting into bad driving habits, they could be hurting your company, and actually putting themselves and your brand name in danger.

Keep these things in mind when it comes to having a better understanding of who is helping/hurting your business. It’s important for all of your drivers to be on the same page with road safety, customer interactions, and time management. Knowing who isn’t adhering to those standards will make it easier to know who shouldn’t be driving in your fleet anymore.

Do you know if your drivers' behaviors are helping or hurting your business?

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