3 Proven Ways to Reduce Fleet Expenses

Reducing fleet costs is a great way to increase your organization’s profitability, streamline some of your processes, and learn which actions are working and which ones need to go back to the drawing board.

But, unless you know what to look for or a few effective ways to reduce costs without reducing quality, you might run into some budgeting issues.

So, let’s look at some safe, proven ways to reduce fleet expenses so you can continue to grow your fleet business while saving money all at once.

1. Cut Back on the Fleet’s Size

This is perhaps the most obvious and easiest solution for saving money. By cutting back on the number of vehicles in your fleet, you’ll be reducing expenses by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Keep in mind that for every vehicle you get rid of, you’re increasing the workload on another one. That can cause a lot of wear and tear on your existing vehicles, which will have to be properly maintained, and may cost money to repair or keep in top shape in order to get your shipments out. In the end, though, reducing the number of trucks in your fleet will win out when it comes to saving money.

2. Cut Back on Miles Traveled

You might have limited control over how many miles your fleet drivers travel. After all, they need to make deliveries and supply your clients with their goods and products. But, one thing you can do is utilize technology to help you determine which areas can, indeed, be cut back.

Today, GPS devices can be installed in fleet trucks to determine everything from how long a driver is stalled in one place, to extra miles they may be traveling off their route. If they’re taking a little ‘side trip’ in the process, even if it’s just to get something to eat or to rest for a few hours, they’re doing that on your dime, and it needs to be brought to your attention.

It’s easy for drivers to think they can get away with such things when no one is looking, so by not making that an option, you can regain a bit of control over the miles your drivers are traveling, and save money in the process.

3. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Any fleet manager knows the importance of making sure all of your vehicles are safe and well-maintained. But, you can increase the longevity of your fleet and reduce maintenance costs by keeping your drivers and your staff well-educated and informed on best practices for driving, as well as the best safety measures. Not only will that help to reduce your maintenance costs, but it can reduce your risk of having to shell out even more money for accident costs.

The good news? Most of the ways you can reduce fleet expenses are simple, common-sense changes. You can start putting some of these changes into place right away in order to determine not only where you may have been losing money but how you can reduce your expenses and turn over a bigger profit.

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