We’ve all seen cars out there covered with logos and signage.

The problem with these campaigns is that there is no way to measure how effective the messages are.

It’s really an example of throw it out there and see what sticks.

Secondly, the average cost of a full wrap on a single vehicle

is $4,000. Multiply that times a fleet of 100 or 1,000 – then imagine that you want to change a message or rebrand. It is very expensive to say the least. Lastly, vehicle advertising does not create any direct engagement with the audience.


1. It is not measurable.

3. It does not create any direct engagement with customers.

2. It is expensive to change.


Bleat technology provides actionable analytics for agencies focused on vehicle wrap advertising.

Bleat’s technology redeploys the more than 4B annual VEHICLE MARKETING spend into impressions, click through rates, and reviews. And if you want to change the message your vehicle is sending? It’s as easy as pasting a new link in
your dashboard. Consumers provide you with valuable information on identity, feedback, and preference so that your message CAN BE incredibly targeted.

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by bleat




per year

Everything from Drive & Brand 

  • "How Am I Driving" Feedback

  • Display Contact Information

  • Email Support

  • No monthly fee.

  • No Set Up Fee



per month

Everything from Drive plus

  • Display logo and website information

  • Access to fleet marketing dashboard

  • 5,000 proximity sends per month.

  • Phone support

  • $110 one-time set-up



per month

Everything from Drive and Brand 

  • Unlimited Proximity Sends per month

  • Monthly Metric Report

  • Email Subscription List Builder

  • Phone support

  • $110 one time set-up

Bleat promotes business growth, safe driving, and a good earth.