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Bleat helps business vehicles connect with customers using measurable proximity
marketing technology and we’re currently looking for field partners.
For a limited time, you can join the bleat fleet with no upfront costs required.
Ready to embrace the future and take charge of your destiny as your own boss?


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Field Partners

It’s 2021, and blue-collar business marketing has evolved...

For decades, small businesses connected with customers in an outdated, analog method – with flyers, local tv/radio spots, bus stop ads, and vehicle wraps being some of the most popular choices. In the 2000s, the internet took over and opened up a new world of opportunity, with cutting-edge marketing tools becoming accessible and
affordable to independently-owned businesses.

The next stage of growth is geo-fence or what we call “proximity marketing”, and Bleat Fleet wants to put you right in the middle of things.

Our innovative mobile marketing platform uses existing commercial vehicles to deliver messages to the public via geofence technology. There are countless practical use-cases of this, including:

And that’s just scratching the surface. Want more info on our groundbreaking proximity
marketing platform? Book a free consultation with a company rep below.​

Cost-effective, location-
based advertising and marketing.

Marketing assets that can
be edited and updated in real-time.

Required regulatory
messages regarding licensing info

Updated “How Am I Driving” safety stickers for the digital era.​

Innovative marketing solutions with flat-fee monthly pricing.

Image by Luke Chesser

For business owners and their local clients and customers, the benefits of this new model of mobile brand messaging are obvious.

Faster Communication

Cost-Effective Solutions

Real-Time Updates

Measurable Marketing Dollars

​When small, blue-collar businesses gain the ability to connect directly to their target
audience, the entire local economy benefits and everybody wins.

This spells opportunity for entrepreneurs.

​By becoming an early adopter of Bleat Fleet, Bleat Field Partners gain entry into an
exclusive club – you’re joining a disruptive force in small business marketing at the
ground floor of growth. With this unique opportunity to contribute to the success of a
promising platform before the masses, you can position yourself to ultimately break the
paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and seize control of your destiny.

That’s not even the best part…


For a limited time, you can become a Bleat Fleet data franchisee with no out-of-pocket expenses!

Bleat Fleet enables franchisees to tap into the evolution of proximity marketing for a low
monthly fee, with no pricey upfront costs (or sneaky hidden fees) to speak of. All you
need to do to get started is reach out.

Forget the 9-5 rat race – embracing the future as a Bleat Fleet data franchisee has
never been easier. With Bleat’s transparent commission structure, you can quickly put
yourself earning a SIX FIGURE INCOME, just be using your networking skills.

Smarter marketing solutions are right at your fingertips…

To learn more about this unique opportunity and take advantage of the offer, simply
schedule a consultation with one of our reps today.